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Second Full Moon in Aquarius this Year! Sunday 22nd August sees the second consecutive Full Moon this year in Aquarius. This is significant. We are in the Age of Aquarius and to feel the influence of the humanitarian sign of Aquarius twice in four weeks with a Full Moon is unusual. This Full Moon is also known as the Sturgeon Moon, named after North America’s largest fish and this Full Moon in Aquarius indicates Major Shifts. The Sturgeon signifies toughness and longevity – it’s a fish that can live for several years – it’s all about surviving and thriving!

Second Full Moon in Aquarius This year

Second Full Moon in Aquarius

So, if you’ve been feeling a little all over the place recently, become inspired by the wisdom and longevity of the Sturgeon and use this fabulous Full Moon in Aquarius to make the changes you need within this innovative ‘shift’ energy. Revisit the intentions you made in February; throw away the rule book and shine brightly in your own unique way. Embrace your unique energies – you are the only one that can give birth to the projects that have been gestating inside you.

Second Full Moon in Aquarius This year


The past few months have presented many challenges to us, with several planets being in retrograde at the same time. This Full Moon uses Aquarius, the Water Carrier, to wash away and cleanse the obstacles that we have been faced with to make way for a new tomorrow.

Connect with the Full Moon in Aquarius – this zodiac sign signifies the Water of Life – it is inventive, progressive and seeks change. If you’ve felt that you’ve just been surviving rather than thriving in recent months, use this immense influence to liberate your visions, to spearhead change for yourself and to connect with your heart and respond to its needs. Celebrate the Second Full Moon in Aquarius this Year! Enjoy!

With Love and Light, Stevie xx

PS – Don’t forget to charge your gemstones and crystals under the light of this magnificent Full Moon!