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Scorpio – the Seeker of Truth! The Sun enters Scorpio on Thursday 22nd October this year. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac circle. It is the second Water sign and is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. Its symbols represent the three stages of transformation and rebirth as depicted by the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix. It is a powerful, vital and courageous energy, constantly dealing with turmoil and the “mess of life”.

the Seeker of Truth

The Seeker of Truth

This energy digs deep for answers; it’s the seeker of truth, constantly deepening its connection with others and ridding itself of ego and pretence along the way. It is a liberating energy through the process of elimination (a major influence of Pluto). There is no self delusion with this sign.

Scorpio The Seeker of Truth

X-ray Vision

The Scorpio energy is intense, passionate, secretive and private – it wants to know all about your business but is highly guarded about its own privacy. It is an exquisitely powerful energy with X-ray vision requiring total honesty, craving love and affection and constant reassurance. If you understand this about Scorpio, then you will have a loyal and devoted companion throughout your life.

Scorpio – the Seeker of Truth! This energy is totally reliable, possessive and fearless and loves difficult and dangerous challenges because it grows through its involvement with crisis, constantly seeking empowerment – the edge, for this sign, is definitely not close enough!

Scorpio The Seeker of Truth

Warrior Energy

Like Mars, one of its ruling planets, this is a Warrior energy, very self absorbed with deep emotions coursing through its veins and demonstrating a great level of emotional courage. This is a highly competitive energy which can be manipulative but also terribly loyal to those it trusts.

Its co-ruler Pluto facilitates transformation through elimination; it encourages liberation – getting rid of anything that has long since served its purpose. It also influences the sharing of power which is sometimes difficult for this zodiac sign to do but if the Scorpio energy finds a way of sharing its power and its dreams, its emotions and its fears, then it will deepen its contact with others, nourish itself and empower others in the process.

Scorpio – the Seeker of Truth! This is an energy which can be unforgiving and if you make a promise to a Scorpio – keep it as they need to trust you at every level and forgiveness is difficult for a Scorpio to give!

To all my lovely Scorpio friends and clients, enjoy the Sun entering your sign and bask in its glory.

With love and light, Stevie xx

Scorpio The Seeker of Truth

Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine Gemstones

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The gemstones linked to the Scorpio energy are Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought-after natural gemstones. It represents the symbol of royalty and honour, Gods/Goddesses and power, spirit and vision, wisdom and truth. The Aquamarine gemstone is known for its energies of empowerment and communication through truth and calm. It evokes the purity of crystalline water and the exhilaration and relaxation of the energy of Water. Available in Men’s and Women’s bracelets, earrings, anklets and necklaces. Please go to to see the complete range.