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For the Scorpio Energy, the Edge Is Not Close Enough such is this energy’s hunger for the emotional truth.

The Sun Enters Scorpio on 24th October so whether you have your Sun (Star sign) in Scorpio or your Moon or Ascendant signs in Scorpio the following information will be relevant to you.

winter-full-moon-3-morguefileJust as a reminder, the Moon sign is all to do with our wellbeing. It is connected to our basic survival instincts and how we express our immediate needs, feelings and emotions. It symbolises how we nurture and protect ourselves. So you may have your Sun sign in Capricorn, for instance, but your Moon sign might be in Scorpio.


the-sun-morguefileThe Sun (Star sign) represents what we are trying to become. It is connected to our will and to our sense of personal identity and creative expression – what we are here to achieve in our lifetime. Wherever the Sun is in our horoscope is where we will want to shine brightly.


ascendantThe Ascendant sign (the sign that is rising on the Eastern horizon at our time of birth) represents the approach we need to take on our journey through life. It determines how other people experience us and how we best project ourselves in to the world – our ‘public face’. So, you may have your Sun sign in Leo but your Ascendant sign in Scorpio, for instance.

So, if you only know your Sun (Star sign) at the moment, you are only firing off one cylinder. When you fire off all three cylinders that is when you are able to unlock your full potential. Visit to find out more.

Scorpio is a Water sign which means that it is influenced by the Element of Water which connects us to the vulnerable, instinctual and deeply emotional areas of life. It is a sensitive, empathetic and intuitive influence, readily absorbing other people’s pain and taking things on a personal level.

It is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. Pluto influences transformation through elimination, digging deep for answers, deepening contact with others, seeking truth and ridding us of ego and pretence. It encourages sharing of the Scorpio power in order to empower others. There is no self delusion with Pluto.

And Mars which is creative, hot tempered, dramatic and passionate. This is a warm-hearted influence which loves excitement and surprises and can also be self-centred and insensitive to other’s needs in its quest for life.

Scorpio is a powerful sign and the symbols of the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix represent the three stages of transformation which this sign experiences. The Scorpio energy is intense, passionate, secretive and private – it wants to know all about you but is highly guarded about its own privacy! It is an exquisitely powerful energy with X-ray vision requiring total honesty, craving love and affection and constant reassurance.

The Scorpio energy is totally reliable, possessive and fearless and loves difficult and dangerous challenges because it grows through its involvement with crisis, constantly seeking empowerment. For this sign the Edge Is Definitely Not Close Enough! Visit our online shop at to discover beautiful original Scorpio Mounted Prints, Scorpio Energy Cards and Scorpio Gift Cards. Enjoy!