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Romance is in the Air! Venus, the planet of Harmony, Diplomacy, Balanced Energy and Self Worth is hooking up with the Artistic, Dreamy, Mystical, Gentle and Compassionate planet Neptune on 10th April in a rather beautiful and romantic transit.



Romance is in the Air, so if you’re in an existing relationship then this influence of Venus and Neptune will help with a higher degree of compassion and the feeling of being ‘at one’ with each other – united souls. This won’t work for every relationship, especially if there is existing negativity attached to it. You need to remove yourself from any harsh realities in an existing relationship to make way for positivity in a new one.

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If you are waiting for a new romance to blossom, then this may happen under these combined energies. Just make sure though that you are not swept away completely by Neptune’s enchanting influence – you still need to be very mindful of your self-worth in any bonding and your compassion will be running high at this time.

It is a chance to daydream, so indulge rather than resist but be prepared to lose a little edge in your personal and business drive at the moment if you succumb to this planetary dance. If you’ve planned some days off, then this is a perfect time to take it easy and surround yourself with all things beautiful!

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Now, where is that romantic novel I’ve put by?

Much Love
Stevie xx