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I’ve been discussing a great deal about relationships recently – problematic relationships to be precise!

Life can be tough at the best of times and if you’ve got someone within the family or at work that you are having difficulty getting on with it can be a nightmare. So, how do you cope?

Apart from giving them a wide berth, which is OK up to a point, getting to know them better could be the answer!

Each one of us has a very interesting mix of energies, some will harmonise and some will grate, not only with others but sometimes with ourselves as well.

How many times have I heard “I love her but we don’t get on” or “he’s my boss and he drives me mad!” When this is the case, getting to know your energies as well as the other person’s energies makes every bit of sense and in fact could be invaluable to your personal life or your career.

Why? Let me give you an example of a hypothetical Boss and employee scenario:

A Capricorn Sun energy and an Aries Sun energy are poles apart in the way they approach life, the speed with which they work and what they hold dear. Then add each of their Moon and Ascendant energies on top and this is where it gets interesting! Then add influencing planets and elements and the astrological houses at time of birth and you’re really rocking!!!

You are talking about thousands of possible connotations. That’s where I come in.  

Pragmatic astrology let’s you see the wood for the trees. It clarifies people’s natures, the things that motivate them and the things that will need to be in place for their wellbeing. It uncovers natural abilities, strengths and weaknesses and unlocks the full potential that is present inside.

If up until this point you’ve thought Astrology is a weird lot of nonsense and only for people with crystal balls and flowing garments then you’re in for a refreshing surprise!

Pragmatic astrology doesn’t predict anything. It uncovers your natural abilities, strengths and talents and shows you how you can deal with areas of your life that sometimes can be difficult to handle. It helps you shine from the inside out.

“Well Stephanie I’m completely at a loss for words after our one-to-one session today. As a scientist and proud sceptic I wasn’t expecting the profound insights you shared. It felt like you had opened my brain and spread my personality out in front of me, and all in a totally lovely, generous and caring way. You have explained my true nature to me including the reasons why I have these traits – which is really going to help me to move forward in my life with greater positivity, drive and optimism. This self-knowledge is going to prove invaluable when faced with any future decisions or difficulties, and I can’t thank you enough! Hang on, isn’t it all supposed to be nonsense?! Ha! You are truly gifted and talented, and you really care about helping people which shines from every part of you. I am honoured to know you.”