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Relationships and Money – Venus enters Taurus on 6th June which is ideal if you want your finances and relationships to have a firm, strong footing and who doesn’t?! The beautiful planet Venus which rules Taurus moves into this powerful and productive zodiac sign this week. In pragmatic astrology the planet Venus represents the art of relationships and in Taurus it represents issues relating to Self Worth.

Venus enters Taurus

Relationships and Money – Venus enters Taurus on 6th June. Good relationships are built around harmony, diplomacy, negotiation and the ability to relate to others. Venus also represents balanced energy and the management of money and resources through good husbandry.

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The zodiac sign Taurus is symbolised by the Bull, with its feet firmly on the ground, needing routine, careful planning and security. This energy needs plenty of affection, both physically and emotionally and respects the steady, unhurried rhythm of life as opposed to rushing around trying to do too many things too much of the time. This is an energy that is perfectly happy to just ‘be’. Take a leaf out of Taurus’s book and slow down! Check that your relationships are as solid and as generative as the Bull and that your Self Worth is well and truly intact.

Relationships and Money – Venus enters Taurus on 6th June. With your finances and resources, carefully plan for your future security and don’t rush in to unplanned, high risk territory. You need to be appreciative of the benefits of using your energy wisely so that the skills of your craft can materialise in a solid, productive way.

Enjoy this very natural combination of Venus and Taurus which will be with us until 5th July.

With peace, love and light, Stephanie xx

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