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Rare and Powerful Halloween Blue Moon! Rare because it’s the second time this month that we’ll have had a Full Moon (hence the term ‘Blue’ ~ “Once in a Blue Moon”) and Powerful because of its close proximity to Uranus which signals revolution, progression, innovation and CHANGE!

Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus

It certainly won’t be plain sailing with this influence and your emotions are likely to be heightened as conflict and unease seem to be happening all around the world as tensions come to a climax. This Rare and Powerful Halloween Blue Moon is in the sign of Taurus and it will be in our skies on Saturday 31st October.

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Taurus ruled by Venus

So, what does it mean for us? Well Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which has just entered the Zodiac sign Libra – the Scales of Balance. Venus rules money and relationships and both of these areas need to be closely considered right now.

Balance needs to be maintained. What you want and what you actually need can be two very different things. With heightened emotions at your disposal, use the strength and intuition you gain from these to overcome any challenges. Count your blessings; don’t overspend or over indulge. Don’t let any crises outside of your control drain your energy away. Put things in perspective and take a balanced look at your finances and your personal relationships. This will help you have a very clear vision of any negative influences in both your business and personal life.

Rare and Powerful Halloween Blue Moon Planets

Uranus, Mercury, Saturn

Rare and Powerful Halloween Blue Moon! The Taurus energy is grounded but with Uranus so close to the Moon and Mercury still in retrograde and creating tension with Saturn – the Lord of Karma – there is likely to be lots of unrest, tension and violence around. And although there will be a lot of negativity and disagreement, with clashes of opinions amongst many, the Taurus patience, stability and solidity will help us acknowledge the importance of harmony, balanced energy and self worth.

Taurus is a practical, productive and supportive energy which “understands the process” and has the patience and persistence to see things through. Use this Rare and Powerful Blue Moon in Taurus to get some alignment back in your life even if the planets seem out of alignment at the moment.

Halloween Blue Moon

Full Moon Illumination Reading

If you would like to feel extra empowerment at this time, contact me for a Full Moon Illuminating Spread Reading – it gives practical, insightful guidance which helps with clarity and a better understanding of your life so that you make take inspired action on your creations.

Be patient, be loving and be careful. With love and light, Stevie xxx

PS, don’t forget to super charge your gemstones in the light of this very special Full Moon!