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Neptune is going direct in Pisces! Put the banners up and sound the trumpets to welcome the change of direction for Neptune on 19th November. At long last, Neptune is going direct (forwards) in Pisces!

Neptune went retrograde in Pisces on the 13th June this year, so for the past 5 months it has been appearing to go ‘backwards’ in the Earth’s Orbit. Many people who have Pisces strong within their Astrological DNA will have felt the impact of Neptune not quite ‘playing ball’!

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The influence of Neptune is strongly felt by those with the highly creative, passionate and psychic sign of Pisces, most predominantly felt by those who have their Sun sign (Star sign) in Pisces, or their Moon or Ascendant signs in Pisces.

With Neptune having been lagging behind in the Earth’s Orbit for the past 5 months, things won’t have been easy for the Pisces Energy. Your dreams will have been challenged by many obstacles, you won’t have felt ‘at one’ with the Universe and your psychic, sensitive and compassionate, healing nature will have been tested to the limits on occasion.

The Neptune energy is as boundless as the ocean and is always looking to escape conflict. There is a strong connection to the sea with this planet with gentle, healing influences. Neptune rules Pisces only, no other zodiac sign, and brings with it great artistic expression and helps the Pisces energy be the ‘Dreamer of Dreams’.

Being in retrograde (appearing to go backwards within Earth’s Orbit) will have been frustrating at times but will have given those affected by this Planet time to reflect and time to consider if things needed doing differently.

Retrograde is a necessary position in Astrology. It teaches us to stop for a little while and have faith that all will be well in due course. Sometimes you have to let planetary influences take over in order to show you a better way and to present solutions to your problems in a different manner. Those who let this happen and don’t fight the obstacles at every turn will reap the benefits of the illuminations that come through their ruling planet being affected in this way.

So now, from 19th November, Neptune will be in ‘Direct’ mode (appearing to go forwards in Earth’s Orbit) until 15th June 2017. The deeply connected, caring and empathetic nature of the Piscean energy will be firing off all cylinders. The shaky identity, often associated with this sign, will have a chance to be strengthened and the acutely receptive nature of Pisces will allow those with this energy to produce wonderfully creative work.

If you have used this retrograde position to re-evaluate your life, thinking of different ways to fulfil your needs and feeling upbeat about your future, Neptune’s positive transit over the next 7 months will enable you to achieve a great deal. Important things to focus on will be developing a firm sense of ‘self’, grounding your dreams and visions into a positive reality, being responsible for your own actions and remembering to relax on occasions!

Wishing you a wonderful time ahead! Stephanie x
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