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Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn on Wednesday 19th April and will remain retrograde until 28th September when it will go direct in the same zodiac sign. So what does this mean to all of us and how can we cope with this influence for the next five months?

In pragmatic astrology the planet Pluto represents transformation through elimination. Pluto helps to liberate us from unnecessary burdens and to deepen connections with those that we want in our lives.

Pluto in retrograde prepares us to ask questions about what and who we need in our lives so that when we share our power with others we will be able to empower ourselves and others in the process. There is no pretence or self delusion with this planetary influence but believe me when I say that Pluto is an incredible liberator and with liberation comes freedom. So if there are things and people that you no longer need in your life, take this opportunity to reflect on what you really want and need to make your life rewarding and full of positive energy.

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In pragmatic astrology Capricorn represents Ambition, Reliability and Discipline. The symbol of the zodiac sign Capricorn is the Goat steadily climbing the mountain. This is a self sufficient sign, deeply independent with a complete belief in hard work with no such thing as a free lunch. It represents success in the long term with determined and sustained effort. This is the tortoise of the zodiac, not the hare and as such we need to understand the advantages of spending time planning our future and understanding what type of support and security we need in place in order for us to succeed.

Use the combination of these powerful energies to help you make some important and long term decisions in your life. Remember, there’s no room for self delusion – be as objective and honest as possible with how you feel and be true to yourself. The rewards will be worthwhile in the long run.

Until the next time, with love and light Stephanie xx

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