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Planets in Retrograde in July – The first thing to say is “don’t panic!” Retrograde is good! It gives all of us time to reflect and think about what we need to do to secure our future and to overcome any obstacles out there.

Whenever we talk about retrograde in pragmatic astrology it is connected with ‘standing back’, reflecting on issues, reviewing things which are blocking our progress, identifying what those issues are and preparing ourselves to resolve them when everything starts going in a forward motion again. Retrograde literally means when planets are lagging behind Earth’s orbit; the planets appear to be going backwards when in fact they are just going slower.

Planets in Retrograde in July – There are 6 planets/asteroids that will be retrograde in July, some have already stationed retrograde whilst others are just entering a retrograde position. They are: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pallas and Chiron. I will talk about each planet/asteroid in sequence:

Planets in Retrograde in July

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

PLUTO went retrograde in Capricorn on 28th April and will remain retrograde until 6th October when it will go direct in the same zodiac sign. So what does this mean to all of us and how can we cope with this influence until early October?

In Pragmatic Astrology the planet Pluto represents transformation through elimination. Pluto helps to liberate us from unnecessary burdens and to deepen connections with those people and things that we want and need in our lives.

Pluto prepares us to ask questions about what and who we need in our lives so that when we share our power with others we will be able to empower ourselves and others in the process. There is no pretence or self delusion with this planetary influence. Pluto is an incredible liberator and with liberation comes freedom. So if there are things and people that you no longer need in your life, take this opportunity to reflect on what you really want and need to make your life rewarding and full of positive energy.

Planets in Retrograde in July


In pragmatic astrology Capricorn represents Ambition, Reliability and Discipline. The symbol of the zodiac sign Capricorn is the Goat steadily climbing the mountain. This is a self sufficient sign, deeply independent with a complete belief in hard work, with no such thing as a free lunch. It represents success in the long term with determined and sustained effort. This is the tortoise of the zodiac, not the hare, and as such we need to understand the advantages of spending time planning our future and understanding what type of support and security we need in place in order for us to succeed.

Use the combination of these powerful energies to help you make some important and long term decisions in your life. Remember, there’s no room for self delusion – be as objective and honest as possible with how you feel and be true to yourself. The rewards will be worthwhile in the long run.

Planets in Retrograde in July

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Planets in Retrograde in JulySATURN went into retrograde on 23rd May in Aquarius, one of the signs that it co-rules, and will stay there until 10th October when it will go Direct in the same sign. In pragmatic astrology, Saturn teaches us about consolidation, about grounding our dreams and visions and applying self discipline. It is all to do with the Establishment, societal governance, rules and regulations, administration and discipline.

Planets in Retrograde in July


Saturn is a very testing energy which influences us all through painful experiences. With this energy we learn about responsibility, commitment and realism, accepting our own limitations and that of the world around us with grace and wisdom in the process. If we understand the irony of this planet then we can work with it, connecting with the reality of situations and then working with it by learning our lessons and finding solutions to our problems with new thoughts and new innovations.

Aquarius is the zodiac sign of humanity ~ the symbol for Aquarius is the Water Carrier, providing water for humanity without which we would be unable to function. This energy is inventive, eccentric and humanitarian. It combines unpredictability with realism. This is the true free spirit, the non-conformist and the seeker of change. This energy is the ‘outsider’ looking in with lateral thinking at its heart. With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius we are being asked to reflect and review the way forward for humanity, and our environment, and every living thing within it. And not just whimsical thought processes but those embedded in realism combined with new, inventive thought patterns so that come October 10th we can start putting those new thoughts into action.

Planets in Retrograde in July

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces then Aquarius

JUPITER went retrograde in Pisces on 21st June and stays retrograde until 17th October moving from the sign of Pisces into Aquarius on 28th July. This larger than life planet is all about expansion, progression, luck and optimism so what does it mean in pragmatic astrology when it goes retrograde?

If you’ve been working hard on a project or personal ambition and something is stopping you in your tracks from making it successful, take this period of Jupiter in Retrograde to focus and reflect on what you have to do to make success a reality.

This is a time for serious introspection and reflection both philosophically and spiritually. Use this period wisely to prepare for the time when Jupiter goes direct again in October to get everything in place to underpin positive growth and expansion.

Planets in Retrograde in July


You will know what is hindering you – don’t ignore it – the writing will be on the wall and it’s up to you to face it and understand that to support growth you have to have solid foundations. Real optimism isn’t possible without recognising what’s holding you back and dealing with it.

Jupiter symbolises seeking the meaning of life with meaningful interaction; if you are cheating yourself, and this wonderful energy, with a facade of what’s really happening, then you will not benefit from the generosity of this wonderful planet when it starts going direct again on 17th October.

With the influence of Pisces then followed by Aquarius, you will have the opportunity to ground your dreams in an innovative, expansive way, once you understand and work on any self-inflicted limitations. Think of ways to advance your personality so that you may shine brighter than ever before – Jupiter will help you every step of the way as long as you are working with truth in your heart.

Planets in Retrograde in July

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Planets in Retrograde in JulyNEPTUNE went retrograde in Pisces on 26th June where it will stay until 1st December when it goes direct in the same sign. In pragmatic astrology Neptune has a deep connection with the sea and all its power and beauty. Anyone who has experienced this connection themselves will know the vastness of the oceans, the depths to which this powerful energy influences all of our lives and the respect and understanding we need to have of this immense entity.

The influence of the planet Neptune signifies a deep connection and longing to return to a place of peace, a place without conflict, a place which is at one with the universe. In retrograde until 1st December, this planet represents the need to reflect on this ambition and to consider ways of concretising dreams and ideas and making them a reality over time so that when this planet goes direct again we are able to deal with these deep connections in a very positive manner.

In pragmatic astrology Pisces is the saviour and the rescuer of the zodiac. This is a gentle, sensitive and compassionate energy with psychic abilities. Pisces is deeply connected to the mess of life and to the tidal rhythms that form such an important part of our lives. This is a reflective, wonderfully creative and empathetic energy with acutely sensitive antennae but in the process of dealing with the pain of others we must be careful not to be consumed and overwhelmed by events.

During this period, look deeply at what needs to be put in place to realise your dreams. Remember to build your boundaries and develop a firm sense of ‘self’. Think about how you can ground your dreams and visions without losing the element of creativity but at the same time being as practical as possible. Neptune’s energy is as boundless as the oceans, always looking to escape conflict, so be careful not to ‘run away’ during this retrograde period. Use the time between now and the beginning of December wisely. Crystallise your plans to go forward with your creative ideas so that by the time Neptune goes direct again, you will be in the strongest position possible to make your dreams come true.

Planets in Retrograde in July Pallas Time for Deep Reflection

Pallas Retrograde in Pisces

PALLAS goes retrograde on 14th July until the 8th November in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Pallas is the third largest asteroid (between Mars and Jupiter) in the asteroid belt and has been named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. This energy is about strategy, creative intelligence and manipulation. Strongly associated with the power of the female form; fighting for female rights and the feminine energy in all of us, male or female. Going retrograde in Pisces means that we need to be aware of using any disingenuous disguises to promote our own agendas in order to gain the things we want; far better to remind ourselves that we all come from the same place and that what we do to others, we do to ourselves in the process.

Planets Retrograde in July

Chiron retrograde in Aries

CHIRON goes retrograde in Aries on 15th July until 19th December. Chiron is a small planet, orbiting between Uranus and Saturn, and is all about completeness, mending things which have become broken, whether that’s your heart, your life or your spirit. Being in retrograde, Chiron will give us the opportunity to reflect on what we need to do for ourselves to move to a position of ‘wholeness’.

Chiron will always bring old and painful experiences to the fore when it’s in a retrograde position so that we have the opportunity to look at them in depth and learn from those experiences and understand what we have to put in place to move forward and mend ourselves in the process, and not repeat history!

Planets in Retrograde in July


The combination of Chiron in retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aries is asking us to focus on who we really are – our identity, our personal essence, our individuality and what we need to focus on which is blocking our healing and our growth. This is a personal time for reflection, of ironing out the blockages and overcoming them.

Invite Chiron to be a major part of your life. Take your time to invite it in to your consciousness, work with it and use its influence to really build yourself up again. Use this time wisely to connect with your innermost needs and look after your health in the weeks and months ahead.

Planets in Retrograde in July – Retrograde positions in planetary movements give us all the opportunity to ‘course correct’ so that we too are in alignment with major planetary influences as we go forward with our lives. They are not to be feared but to be totally embraced so that we may operate from our highest good.

Shine Brightly!
With Love & Light, Stevie xx