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We have some amazing things happening in the skies this month which started with the New Moon in Cancer on 4th July. This ushered in a period of reflection, absorption of other people’s pain, empathy and understanding and a union of old and new. The sign of Cancer is also ruled by the Moon which teaches us basic survival skills and how to nurture and build security, protection and safety, learning from our ancestors and improving our wellbeing. The Moon is all about how we nourish ourselves and feel at home. Cancer is a highly instinctual sign with highly sensitive antennae being governed by the Moon and all its phases. So expect vulnerability, creativity, intuition and emotions to be centre stage as you bring a new idea, project or family issue into a caring, creative and nurturing environment.

Today, 12th July, the beautiful planet of Venus enters the sign of Leo. Venus rules the areas of Harmony and the Management of Money and Resources. It influences negotiations and the use of diplomacy, balancing the use of energy in the powerful art of relating with others. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is all about Personal Identity and Creative Expression from the Heart. With Venus in this Fire sign this will allow for courageous and warm hearted self expression. It will inspire, enthuse and create boundless energy in its pursuit of love in a carefree, joyful manner. With regard to money and resources, there will be a need to be seen as a specialist in one’s field with a deep faith in what each one of us has to offer which will need the combination of practicality as well as creativity helping us to earn our status in life with dignity rather than just expecting it as a birthright!

On 14th July, Mercury also enters Leo – this is the planet that links thinking with words, actions and results. It affects the way we absorb knowledge, our relationships with our family and our local environment. Mercury is all about Communications. The influence of Leo will give us all the opportunity to communicate from the heart to inspire others, to instil Faith in Life with a dramatic flair and to take communications to centre stage in full view of an audience. Leo is not a wallflower sign – it needs to be appreciated and loves to be loved.

Tuesday 19th January will see a Full Moon in Capricorn. As a New Moon beckons in new beginnings, so a Full Moon helps bring the last month’s activities to a conclusion. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which teaches us about Consolidation, Grounding and Self Discipline. It teaches us lessons through painful experiences, commitment and realism. It helps us accept our limitations with grace and wisdom. This is a mature, professional and self sufficient energy which is deeply passionate, patient and determined. Expect grounding with this energy – this is all about being thorough and realising success through the process of time and experiences along the way.

On Friday 29th July Uranus goes retrograde in Aries. Retrograde means that a planet appears to be going backwards within the Earth’s Orbit, but it’s a bit like being in a train that is leaving the station at a slightly slower rate (Uranus) than the train next to it (Earth). So what does this mean? Uranus is progressive, revolutionary and individualistic and reaches beyond the realistic limitations of Saturn. Going retrograde in Aries it will be suggesting time for reflection, time to slow down and to review one’s individuality and how to use energy wisely. Cooperation not confrontation, diplomacy and charm rather than full on forcefulness, time to think before you act and learning from all of these areas so that by the time Uranus goes Direct again in Aries on 28th December, you will be firing off all cylinders in a new and progressive way.

On Saturday 30th July, Mercury moves into Virgo which is influenced by the Element of Earth and is the other zodiac sign ruled by Mercury. So here we find that communications will take on a very discriminating, reserved and skilled identity, looking for practical solutions with grace and wisdom. The devil is in the detail with this zodiac influence, so make sure you dot the i’s and cross the t’s in all levels of your communication. This sign needs to be of service in the wider community so it is a wonderful time to commit to community activities and to use the power of communication to achieve very practical results.

That’s it for now but watch out for my planetary movement blog for August which will include a Lunar Eclipse mid month xx