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So we start our planetary movements for the month on 2nd August with a New Moon in Leo. Hallelujah! After much purging in the first half of this year we can now look forward to expressing ourselves from the heart with a bit more gay abandon than we’ve been able to do recently. Now is the time to believe in ourselves and to be courageous with our self expression in a warm hearted and generous way. We need to crank up our faith in life with inspirational thoughts and an increased degree of enthusiasm. The New Moon helps us to start new projects, to open new doors and to make new beginnings, so what’s holding you back? Go for it!

Earlier on the same day Mars enters Sagittarius. Mars helps us to assert ourselves; it allows us to become more dynamic, energetic and courageous. Mars is a Warrior not a Wall Flower! Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, adventure and freedom seeking with a huge interest in life and all that it has to offer. This is a generous and optimistic sign with boundless imagination so make sure you take advantage of these influences to expand your own horizons at this favoured time.

On the 5th August Venus enters Virgo. This combination sees harmony through attention to detail, skilled negotiation and good use of diplomacy. Virgo is a highly strung and extremely sensitive energy demonstrating wisdom and grace. This will be a time to tidy up finances and practice caution – the devil is in the detail – cut down on any waste and enjoy the rewards of your actions. On a personal front, listen to the wisdom of your body and try not to get overwhelmed or exhausted. Venus is there to help you.

The 13th August sees Saturn gong ‘direct’ in Sagittarius. Phew! This has been a long time coming – Saturn went into retrograde in Sagittarius on 24th March. So, the painful and frustrating last few months where a number of things have been testing your endurance, patience and tolerance at last can make way for positive experiences from your reflections during the last few months. Saturn direct helps us to consolidate our experiences teaching us self discipline, responsibility and grounding our ideas so that we can help manifest them in the here and now rather than them remaining pipe dreams for ever.

On the 18th August we have a ‘penumbral’ Lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Aquarius (opposite the Sun in Leo). This is not classified as a Lunar Eclipse by NASA as its penumbral nature means that it is not visibly perceptible. However, its significance is tangible. The Full Moon brings things to a close. Aquarius signals the strive for equality, liberation and reformation. It is the sign of the humanitarian, championing the underdog, demanding fairness to all and seeking change. Eclipses are linked to changing circumstances. Sometimes they are feared because of their perceived catastrophic nature but plenty of positive energy can be released from such changes and through change comes growth.

On the 22nd August, the Sun enters Virgo and I will be writing a separate blog on this nearer the time.

On 29th August with Venus entering Libra – watch out, the Charmer’s about! Venus rules Libra (as well as Taurus) so love, beautiful relationships, socialising, pleasure seeking and much, much more are promised with this stunning combination. The only thing with this energy is that procrastination can increase as well as over indulgence, so stick to your guns if you really believe in something and watch out for over eating and excess at this time!

We complete the month on 30th August with Mercury going retrograde in Virgo. Those of you who read my blogs regularly will know all about Mischievous Mercury! Mercury rules Virgo as well as Gemini and when it goes retrograde (backwards – in Earth’s orbit) it can cause a bit of mayhem! Mercury is all to do with communications and transportation, so expect things to stop working and for things to be disguised for a period (Mercury comes out of retrograde on 23rd September). The lesson to be learnt here is if you can’t avoid signing documentation, contracts, agreements etc., during this time then go through things with an absolute fine tooth comb; double, triple check everything to make sure you’re 100% happy with it before committing yourself. One of the greatest things to do with this energy is to keep calm, sit back and reflect. Think things through to discover if there are better ways to do things. Without a doubt, we are always stronger, wiser and calmer after a period of retrograde.

Wishing you love and light throughout August xx