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Today, 29th June, Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer and Mars goes direct in the sign of Scorpio. So what does this mean?

Mercury connects us to the magic of words and everything to do with communication, it links thinking, words, actions and results. It also affects our absorption of information and how we feel about our immediate environment and our family. It influences our curiosity, our thirst for knowledge and our attitudes, especially towards the young.

The sign of Cancer takes us to an area of vulnerability, where we use our instincts more than our heads, where we use our emotional understanding of a situation in a sensitive, sympathetic and empathetic way, using our intuition and absorbing other people’s pain. It processes things on a personal level in a reflective way. This sign learns to stabilise deep personal feelings in a caring, nurturing and protective way, leading to security, safety and stability.

It is so appropriate that this planetary connection occurs after the Full Moon in Sagittarius, (in sight of Capricorn) and whilst the Sun was still in Gemini on 20th June. This heralded a period of optimism (Jupiter, the planet of optimism rules Sagittarius) laced with a huge dollop of reality (Saturn, the planet of consolidation through painful experiences) rules Capricorn, and the coming to an end of an era to make way for new beginnings with the New Moon on Independence Day, the 4th July. It is no surprise that there is so much turmoil flying around at the moment, but we now have the opportunity to reflect and take it forward in a compassionate, heart felt way.

Mars represents ‘the warrior’ – it is an assertive influence, bringing with it courage, dynamism, forcefulness and honesty. It is vital, energetic and strongly individual. Placed direct now in Scorpio, this is a time for transformation, rising from the ashes, in a dramatic, powerful and emotionally charged way. It is an energy which can take on and in fact excels in overcoming difficult and dangerous challenges. It is used to living on the emotional edge of life and seeks empowerment through it. It’s also an energy which will leave no stone unturned to seek out the truth of a situation. It requires trust, loyalty and transparency.

Use the influence of the planets to help you connect with what’s happening in your world and how you can enrich your life and that of others around you.

Look out for my blog on Planetary movement in July, coming soon..