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We’ve got quite a bit of planetary movement going on at the moment which will influence all of us a great deal. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini (Air sign) and Virgo (Earth sign) entered the sign of Gemini on 12th June and will remain there until 29th June. Mercury influences our abilities to communicate effectively, helping us link the magic of words, actions and results and, as it is in the sign of Gemini, will also help us to blossom in the written and quoted word! So, if you’re looking to write that book or give an awesome presentation, use this influence to make you glow!

On Monday 13th June, Neptune went into retrograde in the sign that it rules, Pisces. It will remain in retrograde until 19th November when it then starts going direct again, also in Pisces. Neptune signifies a deep connection and longing to return to a place of peace, a place without conflict, a place which is at one with the universe. In retrograde, this planet signifies the need to reflect on this ambition and to consider ways of concretising dreams and ideas and making them a reality over time so that when this planet goes direct again we are able to deal with these deep connections positively.

On 17th June, Venus enters the sign of Cancer until 12th July. Venus influences the desire to co-operate and to relate to others in a harmonious way. It also influences the managing of money and resources through good stewardship. With this planet entering the sign of Cancer, the time is perfect to increase security, emotional wellbeing and safety through harmonious relationships, compassionate experiences and good financial husbandry.

On Monday 20th June, there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius as the Sun lingers for one more day in its opposing sign of Gemini. Sagittarius represents a hunger for life and a real need for freedom. The Full Moon focuses on relationships of all kinds and encourages us to reap the fruits of our labours and to bring projects to a conclusion. Spend time addressing your fears and anxieties so that you can move on in time for the new moon on 4th July.

On Tuesday 21st June, the Summer Solstice, the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer where Venus is also present. This is a sign which is associated with creativity, caring and nurturing and the need for home and emotional security. This sign is known as the ‘midwife’ of the zodiac, giving birth to creative ideas and projects. With the combination of the Sun and Venus in this sign, focus will be on relationships and finances in the month to come. Mercury also moves into cancer on 29th June.

29th June is a busy day as Mars comes out of retrograde and goes direct in Scorpio. With the planet Mars we connect to and find our ability and drive to assert ourselves and indicates how we might be able to distinguish ourselves from others. The powerful Scorpio energy helps seek out the truth in every situation, expressing deep emotions and ardent convictions. It is a transformational energy, empowering in its dynamic and clearing the way for new beginnings.

June is a pretty hectic month. Make sure you make the most of all the brilliant influences out there to enhance your wellbeing and help you organise your life ahead.