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The Planet of Communications enters Virgo – Following swiftly behind Mars entering Virgo last Tuesday, the Planet of Communications, Mercury has also entered the very detailed and highly productive zodiac sign of Virgo today, 10th September.

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The influence of Virgo on Mercury will be reminding us to pay attention to the detail in all of our communications; to focus on being as productive as possible in everything we do and everything we say. Virgo is a very practical and understated energy. It is dedicated, critical and habitual, needing ritualisation and routine. Make sure your communications are planned; nothing off the cuff and as accurate as possible.

Deep field Mercury

Deep field Mercury

The Planet of Communications enters Virgo – Mercury links our thinking to our words and with Virgo at the helm, which is ruled by the Planet Mercury, we should benefit from Virgo’s ability to articulate detailed plans and presentations with ease. So if you are looking to get your message across in an accomplished way, think detail, think perfectionism and think sense. Mercury will do the rest!

Sending you love and light, Stephanie xx

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