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Optimistic Jupiter enters Intense & Secretive Scorpio

On Tuesday 10th October, Optimistic Jupiter enters Intense & Secretive Scorpio. In pragmatic astrology, Jupiter, the largest planet within our Solar system represents expansion, growth through exploration, meaningful interaction, luck and optimism. Jupiter urges expansion and growth through life’s experiences. This is a fantastically generous planet, in both size and influence and is the astrological ruler of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

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Jupiter enters Scorpio

Optimistic Jupiter enters Intense & Secretive Scorpio and with this comes a real focus on the meaning of life. Jupiter seeks answers and Scorpio leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of the truth. This combination will want honesty through deeply emotional experiences in order

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to secure empowerment. The generosity will come if the Scorpio energy is used wisely. Share your power, your emotions, fears and dreams; don’t hold on to them! Empower others with your knowledge and your inner most thoughts and through the expansion of your emotional courage you should develop a much greater sense of inner peace enabling you to cultivate simplicity into your life which all of us need now and then.

Jupiter brings with it a sense of luck and optimism. Use this influence to expand your thought processes; to share your knowledge and your power with those who you know will benefit from your actions. You will be rewarded several times over for the rest of this year.

With love and light, Stephanie xx

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