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Opposites Attract! Mars enters Venus-ruled Libra

Today, 22nd October, the assertive, courageous and dynamic energy of Mars enters the cooperative, charming and graceful Venus-ruled zodiac sign of Libra and stays there until 9th December. Mars rules the sign of Aries which is the opposing sign to Libra on the zodiac wheel. The basic nature of this axis concerns ‘the self’ and its projection out into the world and the adjustments you need to make in facing and relating to other people. Here there is a mix of unguarded self expression (Mars) combined with civilised diplomacy (Libra)!

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Mars enters Libra

Opposites Attract! Mars enters Venus-ruled Libra and the one thing to remember about this energy is that Mars is definitely not a wallflower it is a warrior! This is a vital, honest, energetic and forceful influence which believes in projecting strength of individuality by the bucket load! So, when the dynamics of Mars and Libra meet, it’s good to remember that both of these influences are equally concerned about ‘the self’, they just make themselves heard in different ways – the Yin and the Yang of life.

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Opposites Attract! Mars enters Venus-ruled Libra and it’s important not to compare yourself with others who are perhaps making the most noise. This can lead to a feeling of inadequacy, envy and defeatism. In the words of Pulitzer prize-winning author Jennifer Egan, “Comparison is painful when you feel irrelevant; that has nothing to do with what you’re capable of.” Whatever way works for you in taking your talents out there; use this combination of Mars in Libra to assert your individuality using charm and grace. Those with the loudest voices might make the most noise but if the noise contains no wisdom it will just be perceived as hot air!

If you use the fiery strength of Mars with the cool and detached intellect of the Air sign, Libra you will be able to achieve the ultimate in self expression. Remember, no-one else is you and that is your power.

With Love, Light and Wisdom, Stephanie xx

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