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Planetary Movements Blog

Pragmatic Astrology: Planetary MovementsWelcome to the first of many Planetary Movement Blogs which I will be compiling every month so that we know what’s coming up and how it may affect us in the weeks to come.

Jekyll and Hide is currently on our TV screens in November, so if you’ve been feeling a bit that way yourself recently, it might be down to a few planetary movements or Full Moons in your sign! Joking aside, here is what’s going on this month with the planets and how this might be affecting you.


This week, early on Monday morning 2nd November, Mercury entered Scorpio where it will stay until 20th November. So for all those with Scorpio energy, whether it’s your Sun sign or your Moon or Ascendant, you will benefit from the strength of this fabulous planet which connects us to the magic of words, language and everything to do with communication. It links thinking with words, actions and results.

Another strength to use with this planet is the way we absorb information, so this is a good time to learn about new things or to get to grips with things that you’ve known about for some time but need to take action on.

Mercury also helps connect us to our local, immediate environment and how we experience it, as well as with our brothers and sisters.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on 20th November, so make the most of this time Scorpio!


On Sunday the 8th November, around mid morning, Venus comes out of Virgo and enters the sign of Libra. So for all those with Libra energy, which includes me because I have a Libra Ascendant, the desire and opportunities to co-operate with others in a harmonious way will be very strong indeed.

Venus also rules the balanced understanding of how to use money and resources through good stewardship, so with the run up to Christmas especially, it will be important to use this energy to harmonise and balance your money and resources in a meaningful way.

In relationships, this planet helps with diplomacy, negotiation and co-operation allowing you to use these skills to handle and balance your energy in both personal and professional relationships and to strengthen the sense of self worth on both sides of the relationship in a relaxed and harmonious way.

Venus moves into Scorpio on 4th December.


On the 12th November, late afternoon, Mars moves into Libra as well – it’s all happening Libra! Mars is the planet that influences our ability to assert ourselves, to give us the drive to get what we want out of life. Opposition and objections fade into the background at this time allowing forward movement, so a very good time to distinguish ‘the self’ from others. Mars helps us to develop a strong set of individual values.

This influence will help in finding the courage and dynamism to start a project and see it through to completion and encourages action, forcefulness and competitiveness. Relationships will be conducted with great honesty and integrity leading to a position of inner peace which is so important for those Libra scales to be balanced.

This is where Mars stays until 2016.


At long last, you’ll be pleased to hear Pisces that Neptune comes out of its retrograde position in your sign on 18th November at about 11:30 in the morning and starts going forward (direct) once more! This has been a real long haul for you and if you’ve wondered why things have been a bit of a slog in recent months, this is your answer! At last you will be able to feel at one with the universe again which I know is so important to you. This sense of oneness or ‘wholeness’ is often found through artistic expression with the Pisces energy, so now is the time to take up activities within one of the arts, whether it is acting, art, music, dance or all of the above!

Take the opportunity to develop your boundaries again and strengthen your sense of realism so that you can avoid being constantly invaded by others. Your gentleness and sensitivity will then stand a chance of remaining intact and will serve you well in your service to others.

Career Blueprint Star Planners AstrologyThe Sun

Technically, not a planet but the star round which the Earth orbits and the centre of our solar system, is entering Sagittarius on 22nd November until 21st December. The Sun is connected to our will and our sense of personal identity and creative expression and what we are here to achieve in our lifetime.

So, if you have the Sagittarius energy in your astrological DNA then the Sun in this sign will help you to continue developing your unique creative spirit so that it shines through very brightly, helping you to truly express yourself from the heart.

That’s all folks until next month. Make the most of the positive planetary movements that affect your astrological DNA in November.

Warm wishes