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Have you got to a stage in your relationship when it’s not fun anymore? Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your tether or know that something’s got to give for you both to move on.

When it's not fun anymore

When it’s not fun anymore

Which would you prefer, taking flight and starting all over again or making every single effort to get things back on track, to inject some fun and laughter back into your lives and to deepen your mutual understanding and respect for each other?

Sometimes things may have just gone too far to be rescued but if they haven’t and you look at the person you fell in love with and think “can we find each other again?” then contact me. I don’t ask any embarrassing questions, I don’t pry and I’m completely non-judgemental. I look, in depth at your astrological energies so that you yourselves can be empowered to make the changes necessary to get you back on track and to flourish.

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Find yourselves again

Through a short series of pragmatic astrology modules in a very comfortable environment, I can help you find your inner selves; help you understand your essential astrological energies so that you have an enriched and empowering understanding of how each of you ticks, why you do the things you do and how to be considerate and understanding of each other’s needs.

Pragmatic astrology doesn’t have all the answers – nothing does, but it can significantly enhance wellbeing, individually and in relationships, helping you unlock your full potential and helping you look at things in a very different and fulfilling way for greater harmony and inner peace – oh, and a bit of fun and laughter too!

When it’s not fun anymore, contact me, in confidence, for an exploratory chat and further information.
Stephanie Walshe, Star Planners Astrology

NB Star Planners Astrology is LGBT+ friendly