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No-one else is you and that is your power – Make 2017 count! The thing is, do you know enough about what strengths, natural abilities and potential you may already have as the unique individual that you are or is everything lying dormant waiting for you to know how to unlock it?

This is where Pragmatic Astrology can help – BIG TIME.

It’s really difficult at times to know how to react, how to be confident in yourself and know that what you’re doing sits well with you and nourishes your spirit. We are all under a great deal of pressure a lot of the time and quite often feel that we want to make changes but lack the inclination or wherewithal to make those changes with confidence or conviction.

Connect with the Universe

Connect with the Universe

We each have the power within ourselves to connect with our spark – our individual spark of life, to know our purpose in life and our connection with this universe – and Pragmatic Astrology helps us do just that. And it can be life changing, in an exceptionally beautiful, no-nonsense way.

All of my work, no matter how difficult the challenge, has an extremely positive outcome because its very purpose is to act as a wellbeing aid, whether it’s to do with personal, career or relationship progression. Sometimes individuals have major issues to overcome which are fundamental to changing their lives for the better; others might be at a point in their lives where they are questioning if they are in the right job or right relationship, whilst others want a higher level of confidence in themselves and to know that the choices they are making are the right ones for them.

This is where Pragmatic Astrology can help – IN A BIG WAY

Pragmatic Astrology is a practical approach to assessing situations and acting on them in a very practical, useful and extremely helpful way by using modern day psychology linked to the ancient science of astrology specific to the positions of the planets at your time of birth. Each planet, zodiac sign and element has very specific symbolism attached to it and as you get to understand your three essential astrological energies (Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs) so too will the world about you have far greater clarity and your self knowledge will reach heights that you never dreamed of before.

I am currently taking bookings for the 2nd and 3rd week of January (I have 4 time slots left) after which I will be taking bookings for w/c 6th March onwards, so please contact me as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please go to to book through my online shop.

Make 2017 count and unlock your full potential.