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New Moon in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn – on Thursday 29th December a New Moon will form in the structured, self sustaining zodiac sign of Capricorn.

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New Moon in Capricorn

So for all those projects that you are thinking about and New Year’s Resolutions that you are just about to make, use the mature, realistic and grounded influence of Capricorn to guide you.

With the New Moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn your plans need to be structured and based on wisdom, self protection, tenacity and longevity. You will need to commit to hard work and sustained effort to reach your goals – there is no such thing as a free lunch with this influence.

You will need to be determined, controlled and dutiful in your approach and professional to your fingertips!

Use the deep passion that this sign engenders to focus your mind on your goals, whether they be for personal or business purposes. Be patient, work on your negotiating skills and understand people’s real motivations and you will realise your most heart-felt ambitions.

Be content with what you achieve and be prepared to try new things even if they feel a little out of your comfort zone. Use your energy wisely and trust in Life’s bounty – it is all around you. Tap into it and who knows where it will take you!

Until the next time and wishing you a wonderfully productive time in the New Year ahead, Stephanie xx
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