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The New Moon Ushers In Fresh Beginnings. On the 25th May the New Moon is in the zodiac sign Gemini but in the constellation of Taurus. This New Moon will allow us to consider fresh starts, the commencement of new projects and the identification of anything that has held us back!

Star Planners Astrology Gemini


We may have to shed some tears to move on but move on we must if we are to capitalise on this time of personal growth and optimism. With a backcloth of unsettling times and anxiety in the World around us sometimes it can feel very daunting to start new projects, to venture into unknown territory and start afresh. But if we seize this time to question what has gone before and to not repeat bad habits, we will liberate ourselves to start again with a fresh and positive mindset.

Star Planners Astrology Taurus


Whatever your plans are, use the influence of the sign of Gemini to help with your levels of communication, observation and imagination, combined with the generative qualities of Taurus to get the job done in a strong, solid and productive way.

The New Moon Ushers in Fresh Beginnings and if you engage in a disciplined, carefully planned future with real imagination at its core you will prosper irrespective of the troubles we sometimes find ourselves surrounded by.

The New Moon Ushers in Fresh Beginnings. Take heart! Anything is possible if you have faith in yourself.

Until the next time, with Love and Light, Stephanie x

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