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New Moon & Uranus Signal Changes! The New Moon heralds new beginnings and the New Moon is in Leo from this Tuesday 18th August. Leo allows us to be recognised for our ‘specialness’ through constancy, power and fire of the heart.


Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Just before the New Moon arrives, Uranus, the planet of innovation, revolution and progression goes Retrograde in Taurus (15th August) and will remain in this sign until the year 2026. With Uranus comes the need for change, for freedom, for elimination of worthless restrictions. Uranus is a rebel with a cause!

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Going Retrograde in the grounded Earth sign Taurus will turn our attention to all things earthly, including our environment, our political and financial arenas and our relationships.

With Retrograde comes reflection on what obstacles we have to deal with in order to achieve our aims and Uranus asks us to get well out of our comfort zones in order to do this. Our thinking needs to be original, exploratory and with unity and equality at its core. Uranus is the Co-ruler of Aquarius and influences humanitarian issues reaching well beyond realistic limitations. It’s time to think outside the box and show your brilliance with new and creative ideas.

Change will be needed on a collective and personal level. The position of Uranus in the skies is always significant and when linked to the New Moon in Leo a few days later will be loud and proud!

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New Moon & Uranus Signal Changes! Leo is an extremely creative and courageous sign being ruled by the Sun; it allows for self expression with enthusiasm and a great faith in life but this faith relies on unwavering love and support from others – it’s an energy that does not operate well in isolation.

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New Moon in Leo

As you put your New Moon plans together, think a little bit further ahead than usual and make significant changes where they are needed. Keep your attitude positive and enthusiastic, come what may.

It’s a great opportunity to ring in some changes no matter how scary and unfamiliar that may feel (Uranus hasn’t been retrograde in Taurus for 80 years).

We are going to have to think outside of the box to make sense of some of the changes that lay ahead but this, in turn, will engender creativity and uniqueness and when we allow ourselves to follow the path to the Sun (Leo’s ruler) then we will truly be working from the heart.

New Moon and Uranus Signal Changes

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With Love and Light, Stevie xxxx