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New Moon, New Beginnings in Cancer – On Friday 9th July a New Moon arrives in the zodiac sign Cancer. And this New Moon will be checking in on how at home you feel in your own skin, in your own home, and in your own environment.

New Moon New Beginnings in Cancer


The key to a fresh start with the New Moon in Cancer, is to balance your needs for closeness and support with others, with greater independence, emotional self sufficiency and purging yourself of emotional experiences that serve you no purpose anymore. Don’t wallow, allow yourself to move on and in doing so you will find the security and safety that you need which will be of your own making rather than someone else’s.

New Moon, New Beginnings in Cancer – Make sure your bolthole, your shell, your temple, is fully fit for purpose, allowing you the comfort of recharging your energy in surroundings that lift your heart and make you feel safe and secure in your own skin. This will allow you to review your relationships with family and close friends with the strength of independence rather than dependency.

Use empathy and imagination, understanding and reflection, emotion and vulnerability in your dealings with others as you plan ahead. This zodiac sign is a Water Sign under the influence of the Moon, its ruling planet. You’re likely to feel the ebb and flow of life at this time, so be as fluid as possible and allow the waters of experience to wash over you as you plan for new beginnings.

New Moon New Beginnings in Cancer

New Moon Intention Activation Reading

If you would like to explore the magic of manifesting the energies of this New Moon, then please contact me for a New Moon Intention Activation Reading which I will be carrying out on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th July. Please message me for availability.

With Love and Light, Stevie xxx