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There is a New Moon in the sign of Taurus that arrives on Wednesday 22nd April at the same time that we celebrate International Mother Earth Day – how very appropriate! By way of a fanfare, the Lyrid Meteor Shower will be most visible to all of us here in the UK tonight and tomorrow night as it then starts to peter out by April 25th. What an entrance! Look up in the skies for your fair share of Shooting Stars as it heralds a New Beginning.

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International Mother Earth Day

And that is exactly what a New Moon represents – a New Beginning. The link between Mother Earth and Taurus is profound. Taurus is an Earth sign, being very sensitive to its environment and feeling at one with Nature. So, as you put your plans together, which are more important now than ever, be guided by the influence of Taurus.

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There is a New Moon in the sign of Taurus – Make sure you do your research; be realistic with your expectations; get in touch with your senses, your intuition and your instinct – all of these are major aspects of the Taurus energy. Be considerate of the environment, carefully plan what it is you want to do in the days and weeks to come and let go of things that serve you no purpose so that you can make way for new growth.

Although regular sleeping and eating are a definite requirement of this energy, avoid idleness and inner inertia during this period it will lead to self-loathing which is completely at odds with developing self-worth which is what Taurus’s ruling planet Venus bestows upon this sign.

Lyrid Meteor Shower Star Planners Astrology

Shooting Stars

Brush up on your ability to relate powerfully with others. Balance your energy to calm down any major oscillation of peaks and troughs going forward. Get to grips with your money and your resources and show support where it’s needed and persistency to see things through.

It is not an easy time at the moment (understatement) but the one thing that is absolutely necessary, come what may is to have a PLAN. Write it down; set yourself tasks, be realistic with your expectations and celebrate your achievements as you go along. This is a beautiful influence, respecting and celebrating the simple things in life which also have the highest value; understanding the process of life and being at one with nature.

Have a fabulous New Moon everyone and watch out for those incredible Shooting Stars! With Love & Light, Stevie xx