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This is the perfect time to concentrate on YOU! The New Moon in Aries heralds the beginning of a period of time when you should focus on you, showing the world all that you know; how good you are and reinforcing a self-assured presence that no-one will fail to notice.

Aries Star Planners AstrologyIf you’ve spent the last few weeks spring cleaning things out of your life that have gone past their sell-by date and you’ve made room for growth, then you are now ready to Take Action with the New Moon in Aries! You want to be showing yourself openly and honestly to the world with a natural degree of self interest. It’s all about YOU.

The energy you use now to assert yourself will pay dividends. Work on having the courage and the dynamism to show just how vital you are, using an honest and simple approach. Life is in the fast lane with this Aries influence, so get things all fired up, ready for ACTION and show your go-getting side – it’s time to move on!

Aries is the Hare, not the Tortoise!
Love & Light
Stevie xx