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There is a New Moon arriving in Libra – The Charmer today, 1st October. The New Moon symbolises new beginnings but what does it signify when it arrives in Libra?

Here we meet the charmer of the Zodiac benefiting from an aerial view on things with the Element of Air. So we should expect to be able to see things from a detached, cool and objective positioning both in our personal lives and business, enabling us to find perfect balance and harmony in our lives.

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If you’re looking for love, use the charming, pleasure seeking influence of Libra, ruled by the beautiful planet Venus, to find that very special partner but remember, don’t compromise too much and avoid “peace at any price” in your relationships as this will lead to the very thing you want to avoid – imbalance! Use the month ahead to get your finances in order too. Venus rules money management through good financial stewardship.

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Use this wonderful opportunity with the New Moon in Libra to start a very special project or relationship. Enjoy!