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New Moon and a New Future! The New Moon arrives on Thursday 11th February in the futuristic sign of Aquarius and it will be inviting you to really get to know yourself and your true motivations so that you may manifest your dreams in the year ahead.

New Moon New Future

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Just over a year ago, when the New Moon was entering Aquarius on 24th January, I wrote about the start of the deadly Covid virus and the raging fires that were happening in Australia. We are now one year on and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on so many levels. We have had to deal with dreadful loss, pain, loneliness and huge changes in our circumstances BUT we have also had time to reflect on our planet, on our environment, our wildlife and humanity.

New Moon and a New Future! And the New Moon in Aquarius encourages us to expand our consciousness and to understand that now is the time to build a new future based on the pulling together of our individual talents for the benefit of the larger collective.

New Moon New Future

Aquarius the humanitarian

Aquarius represents humanitarian issues, championing the underdog and inspiring the masses. This is an influence which is light years ahead and which is electrically wired to the needs of our society. Use this influence to help you think laterally; view things objectively and don’t be afraid to be the ‘non-conformist’, the seeker of change, the maverick and the reformer.

New Moon and a New Future! This is a massive chance for all of us to make significant changes. Look to see what groups and organisations you wish to join, and to put your individual strength and talents behind, for the good of all. Think about how you wish to spend your heartbeats this year. Hold that dream close and plan how you are going to manifest your dreams through good planning in the here and now!

New Moon New Future

Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, New Moon in Aquarius

With the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and now the New Moon in Aquarius, we have well and truly entered the Age of Aquarius and it is time to plan for significant change. This is an exciting time to be alive on this planet and I am personally encouraged to

New Moon New Futue

Green Initiatives

see so many green initiatives including ethical sourcing, recycling, conservation of natural resources, commitment to reduced carbon emissions, decreasing packaging waste, renewable energy, circular economy, plant a Billion Trees campaign, green points linked to football clubs, remote working (even though it was forced upon us), smart technology, the list goes on and on and we’re part of it and we need to thrive on it!

This is an influence which is light years ahead – let’s not waste this opportunity – stand tall, stand proud and look to the New Moon for a New Future.

Shine Brightly, Love and Light, Stevie xx