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On Tuesday 23rd June, Neptune Goes Retrograde in Pisces which is the sign that it rules. In pragmatic astrology Neptune has a deep connection with the sea and all its power and beauty. Anyone who has experienced this connection themselves will know the vastness of the oceans, the depths to which this powerful energy influences all of our lives and the respect and understanding we need to have of this immense entity.

Neptune Goes Retrograde in Pisces

At One With the Universe

Neptune Goes Retrograde in Pisces. The influence of the planet Neptune signifies a deep connection and longing to return to a place of peace, a place without conflict, a place which is at one with the universe. In retrograde until 28th November, this planet’s retrograde position represents the need to reflect on this ambition and to consider ways of concretising dreams and ideas and making them a reality over time so that when Neptune goes direct again we are able to deal with these deep connections in a very positive manner.

Celebrate Romantic & Impressionable Pisces

Pisces the Fishes

In pragmatic astrology Pisces is the saviour and the rescuer of the zodiac. This is a gentle, sensitive and compassionate energy with psychic abilities. Pisces is deeply connected to the mess of life and to the tidal rhythms that form such an important part of our lives. This is a reflective, wonderfully creative and empathetic energy with acutely sensitive antennae but in the process of dealing with the pain of others we must be careful not to be consumed and overwhelmed by events.

Neptune Goes Retrograde

Ground Your Dreams

Neptune Goes Retrograde in Pisces. Use this period to look deeply at what needs to be put in place to realise your dreams. Remember to build your boundaries and develop a firm sense of ‘self’. Think about how you can ground your dreams and visions without losing the element of creativity but at the

Neptune Goes Retrograde

Boundless as the Oceans

same time being as practical as possible. Neptune’s energy is as boundless as the oceans, always looking to escape conflict, so be careful not to ‘run away’ during this retrograde period. Use the time between now and November wisely. Crystallise your plans to go forward with your creative ideas so that by the time Neptune goes direct again, you will be in the strongest position possible to make your dreams come true.

With love, light and peace, Stevie x