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Planetary Movements

More Haste Less Speed! Wow! What a first half year we’ve had so far! Super Moons, Total Eclipses, several planets in retrograde and something quite amazing to look forward to at the end of August! But for now, let’s just concentrate on what’s happening today. Mercury starts going direct in Cancer on 31st July with a New Moon gracing our skies in Leo at the same time.

More Haste Less Speed! We can start feeling excited about new beginnings, but we’re not out of the woods just yet! If you’ve felt a bit topsy-turvy lately and have been experiencing a few obstacles along the way, it’s not surprising. Mischievous Mercury has been up to its usual tricks with many things being reported to me as breaking down (especially cars), flights being cancelled, communications disappearing into cyberspace, equipment not working properly, etc. And although we can feel relief at Mercury going Direct from today, the shadow of Mercury Retrograde stays with us until 15th August.

Ducks in a Row

But don’t fret; this just gives us another opportunity to make sure that we’ve got all our ducks lined up in a row (metaphorically speaking). And that everything we’ve reflected on during Mercury’s full retrograde period is in place to maximise our plans for the future. So keep working on fine tuning your plans to make a big impact by mid August and don’t be tempted to rush into things just yet – More Haste Less Speed!

New Moon

New Moon in Leo

Combine this with the new beginnings that the New Moon in Leo provides us with from today and we can start feeling some optimism! The New Moon in Leo encourages us to fully embrace our Unique Creative Spirit, to express ourselves from the heart and to allow our plans to take centre stage in an inspirational, courageous and warm-hearted way. There is a power and constancy with Leo that reflects a true faith in life with Fire at its heart.

This is a superb influence and if you have the patience to make sure you “do it right”, then all of the issues you have been reflecting on over the first half of this year will serve you well in the future. By the time we see the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on 15th August we will know that our patience and planning will have started to pay off.

With heart-felt wishes for an awesome August, Stevie xx