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Mischievous Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces until 28th March!
Key Words: Go with the flow!
Mercury goes retrograde on 5th March until 28th. Whenever this happens, steal yourself to apply extra patience in your life. Allow yourself more time to travel and don’t rush important documents. The Devil is in the Detail as they say and that is never more so than during this period of Mercury in Retrograde. Cross the ‘T’s’ and Dot the ‘I’s’ and check things through as thoroughly as possible so that you don’t get caught out further down the line.


Mercury retrograde in Pisces

Being retrograde in Pisces will mean that there might be blockages to your creativity at this time as well as your ability to communicate your wonderfully imaginative ideas. Don’t be put off! This is a time of accepting any obstacles graciously. Reflect upon them to find another way rather than waste your energy on anger and exasperation. You will find your whole approach and disposition will be enhanced which is totally empowering. Help others to build this into their lives too and see the difference it makes!




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Watch out for my posts on the New Moon in Pisces, Uranus entering Taurus and the Sun united with Neptune later this week. Until then, Shine Brightly xx