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At last, mischievous Mercury is going direct in the sign of Virgo!
Since the 30th August Mercury has been retrograde in the sign of Virgo. What does this mean? Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, so if you were born between 21st May and 20th June or 23rd August and 22nd September or have your Moon or Ascendant signs in Gemini or Virgo, then you will be very much influenced by this planet.

Mercury influences everything to do with communications; it connects us to the magic of words and language helping us to link thinking, words, actions and results. This planet influences curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. It is to do with learning something new every day (you’re never too old to learn new things!) and it also influences transportation – getting from A to B. So when it goes retrograde all of these things become vulnerable to change.

So, if you’ve noticed things going slightly wrong recently; perhaps it’s been more difficult to get your point across or documents have gone missing in the post or small print in a contract has come and bitten you in the proverbial then the likelihood is that it’s down to the mischief of Mercury being in retrograde. Maybe your car has broken down on the way to a dinner date, your computer has gone on the blink or your lovely, brand new all singing all dancing phone has been recalled – yep, you’ve got it – Mercury in retrograde.

Being in retrograde means that the planet, in this case Mercury, appears to be going backwards within the Earth’s orbit, but it’s a bit like being on a train that is leaving the station at a slightly slower rate than the train next to it – the illusion is that the slower train is going backwards when in fact it’s not, it’s just going slower.

So, the next time this happens try not to get too frustrated. Use this retrograde period to take a deep breath and reflect. Pause for thought. It’s always worth allowing this to happen and going with the flow rather than fighting it every step of the way and 9 out of 10 times you will be the better off for it. Think outside the box when this planet is being mischievous – you’ll be amazed at your resourcefulness! For more information on Pragmatic Astrology, visit our website: