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Mischievous & Magical Mercury! Mercury will be entering the Zodiac sign Pisces today, 3rd February before going retrograde in the same sign on Sunday 16th February. It then travels back into Aquarius, still in retrograde on 4th March before going direct again on 9th March and back into Pisces on 16th March. Confused? Well don’t be, I’ll explain about it here…

Symbolised by the Water Carrier, influenced by the Element of Air and ruled by the Planets Uranus and Saturn. © Star Planners Astrology 2016.

Aquarius the Water Carrier

Mischievous & Magical Mercury! Mercury has been in Aquarius since 16th January and has been assisting the communication of abstract visions, reformation, revolution and massive change. Now it

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Pisces the Fishes

enters the dreamlike territory of Pisces where sensitivity, compassion, nostalgia and collective understanding dominate. Mercury then goes retrograde on 16th February where struggles take place, miscommunication, mishaps with transport and technical glitches dominate. Take a breath, step back and reflect. Work out how to overcome your issues, Keep Calm and Carry On!

Mercury then revisits Aquarius, in retrograde, on 4th March, so if there were major changes you were looking to make in January, take the time to think these through again. Think outside the box – remember Mercury is all to do with connecting us to the magic of words, language and communication, helping us link thinking, words, actions and results.

Mercury Star Planners Astrology


You will then have the opportunity on 9th March to make your thinking start to work as Mercury goes direct in the same sign before settling back into Pisces on 16th March which will allow you to reconnect with your dreams and start making them a reality as we head towards the Spring Equinox and feel the optimism in the air.

Mischievous & Magical Mercury! When Mercury is in Retrograde, be more mindful, more purposeful, check detail, especially where contracts are concerned and most importantly, take the opportunity to reflect about the challenges you face and the ways you may overcome them.

With love and light, Stevie xx