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Mercury Is Retrograde in Leo, today 7th July and stays retrograde until Thursday 1st August. So what should we expect?

Star Planners Astrology Leo


Well, one of the things you need to do is to reflect on what you want to put in place to make the communication of your creativity as practical as possible to the outside world. You need to think about how you can win your ‘audience’ over with enthusiasm and inspiration. And what will allow you to earn the position you see yourself attaining in any area of life, whether that’s personal, business or pleasure.

Mercury Is Retrograde in Leo. In pragmatic astrology, the zodiac sign of Leo influences the need to be seen as a specialist, so contemplate what that means for you and how that need will be manifested. Feel the warmth of the Fiery Leo energy and plan to achieve your goals by putting in place the courage, generosity, passion and joy that this zodiac sign emanates as a support system to help you achieve your heart’s desire. And once you start expressing yourself from the heart, people will fall in love with you.

Star Planners Astrology Cancer


When Mercury goes direct in the zodiac sign Cancer at the beginning of August, you will then be in a position to communicate your messages with compassion, empathy and emotion, all of which are in Cancer’s domain.

With Mercury in Retrograde, go with the flow. If you feel you’re not getting anywhere fast, don’t fight it; re-group and think outside of the box. Often these periods of Retrograde allow us to reflect on what is causing us a problem, or what obstacles appear to be in our way which are preventing us from achieving our goals. Use this time constructively. Don’t cry over spilt milk – mop it up and allow yourself time to re-think. These times of reflection are precious – use them wisely.

With love and light, Stevie x