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Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer! At a time when the Sun is preparing to enter the Zodiac sign of Cancer this coming Saturday 20th June (Summer Solstice) and a New Moon will be in the sign of Cancer on Sunday 21st at the time of the Annular Solar Eclipse, you might be forgiven for thinking that everything is happening in Cancer!

Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer

Mercury Rules Communications

In pragmatic astrology Mercury influences our ability to communicate effectively. It rules communications and methods of communication at every level; verbal, digital, thought processes, words, actions, you name it, Mercury’s energy in this area is quite tangible. Phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, all of these things can start misbehaving as well as your basic ability to put two words together!

Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer

Mercury Rules Travel

Mercury also rules travel by any mode of transport so expect delays and make sure that your mode of transport is up to the task you are setting it. When Mercury is in Retrograde you need to be extra careful with signing documentation and contracts – the devil is always in the detail – so it’s worth checking thoroughly if you’re signing anything important.

When any planet goes retrograde it is urging you to take stock of your situation; take time to reflect and to consider your thoughts and actions. Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer, the first Water sign and Cancer learns to stabilise deep personal feelings.

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Cancer is a reflective sign; it is instinctual, emotional and sensitive. The zodiac sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is all about how we nourish ourselves and feel at home – our basic survival instincts of nurturing, protecting, safety, security and wellbeing. So use the time that Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer (from 18/6-12/7) to reflect on what you need to put in place for you to feel secure, for you to feel nourished and for you to communicate your compassion without sacrificing yourself in the process.

When we hurtle forwards without due care and attention we are in danger of making the biggest mistakes so use this time to regroup, making sure your messages are on point and fully considered and that you pay attention to the detail. Stay calm if things go wrong around you; learn from it and you’ll be grateful you invested in some time for reflection.

With Love and Light, Stevie xxxx