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Mercury in Leo takes Centre Stage on Tuesday 4th August and stays there until 5th September. With that, communications and all methods of linking with people, especially within our local community, will be favourably enhanced; our absorption of information and our intake of knowledge will be heightened and our curiosity will have no bounds.

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With the zodiac sign of Leo influencing the power of Mercury at this time of forward trajectory, we will have no problem gravitating towards pride of place; seeking the limelight and being the centre of attention.

Mercury in Leo takes Centre Stage and Leo gives us the opportunity to be authoritative and courageous in our communications with others with warm-heartedness and generosity of spirit at the very heart of what we are trying to achieve. But watch out for any arrogance rearing its head – it’s really important that we learn to value those who have helped us get where we are and learn not to take people for granted.

Mercury in Leo

Link Thinking, Words, Actions & Results

Mercury helps us link Thinking, Words, Actions and Results. Combine that with the passion and creative expression of the Fire sign Leo together with the dramatic flair of this zodiac energy and your communications could be very powerful indeed under this influence.

Mercury in Leo

Speak from the Heart

Speak from the heart with warmth and generosity of spirit and allow yourself to communicate with confidence under this stunning influence.

With Love and Light, Stevie xxx