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The news we’ve all been waiting for – Mercury Goes Direct in Pisces!

Oh dear, it seems that Mercury was especially mischievous this past month with many friends and clients contacting me about their woes, in particular a great deal to do with transportation. However, the advice I gave about always giving yourself more time to get from A to B when Mercury goes Retrograde seems to have worked well, meaning that less meetings were missed and more car services were booked in, in advance! This together with Dotting the ‘I’s and Crossing the ‘T’s as far as important documentation was concerned, paid dividends.

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And so it is that Mercury Goes Direct in Pisces on 28th March – hooray!

This will mean that you will be able to go about your business with renewed imagination and with the ability to communicate fully your creative, sensitive and sympathetic qualities, allowing for the artistic and comic side of your nature to shine brightly!

As long as you remember to ground your dreams and visions so that they become a reality – it’s not just about ‘Talking the Talk’ – you’ve got to ‘Walk the Walk’ as well – you will succeed!

So use this wonderful ‘visionary’ influence whilst it lasts, before Mercury enters the dynamic zodiac sign of Aries on 17th April and before Mercury goes Retrograde again in early July (I hear your groans!) Remember that any planet going into Retrograde brings benefits – even if it seems a little hard to see that sometimes!

Shine Brightly! Stevie x