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Mercury Goes Direct in Libra on 3rd November so, whatever you’ve been reflecting on whilst Mercury has been in retrograde you can now start moving forward with less issues to concern you. But, still be vigilant for the next couple of weeks as Mercury gets up to speed again!

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Mercury Goes Direct in Libra

Mercury rules communication, transportation and travel. It links Thinking, Words, Actions and Results and Libra influences Balance, Harmony, Justice and Peace. Libra is all about strategy, idealism and compromise and the art of the right relationship.

Mercury Goes Direct in Libra


Mercury Goes Direct in Libra, so finding the right balance in your communications, your movements and your direction should be uppermost in your mind. If something doesn’t sound or feel right, it’s probably because it isn’t right.

If there’s not the right balance in your relationships then review them and don’t give in to “peace at any price” – this will tip your scales of balance in the wrong direction and will dent your self-worth. Build the right relationship with yourself, first and foremost and then build relationships with others with confidence in your own value.

Try not to procrastinate – understand what is important to you and start putting plans in place to communicate clearly what it is that you need. The influence of Libra will help you do this graciously and with dignity.

We live in challenging times but that doesn’t mean that we can’t perform through a fantastic array of communication platforms. Share, debate, negotiate and communicate. Travel in your mind and through the wonders of cyber space – Mercury and Libra are there to help you all the way.

Communicate effectively and shine brightly!
With love and light, Stevie xxx