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Mercury goes Direct in Compassionate Cancer! Since the 18th June Mercury has been Retrograde but from today, 12th July Mercury starts going direct again which means that communications and travel are going to get a whole lot easier from now on and if you’ve spent time thinking outside the box whilst this wonderful planet has been in retrograde then now is the time to put those thoughts into actions!

Mercury Goes Direct

Engages Curiosity in the World

In pragmatic astrology the magical planet of connections, Mercury, influences the absorption of information; it engages our curiosity in the World, it affects our attitude towards the World in a youthful, enquiring manner. It links the magic of thoughts, words and actions into results and helps us to communicate our messages at all levels.

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Mercury goes Direct in Compassionate Cancer! And we can now make sure that our messages are delivered with care and compassion and with nurturing at their heart. This is an emotional influence, being highly instinctual and having the “common touch” – being able to understand the deep underlying motivations of human nature.

But make sure that your communications aren’t sending out mixed messages. The Cancer energy has the tendency to operate “sideways” like the crab, expecting people to have an understanding of what is meant even though it is not being said which can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Strive for clarity in all of your communications in an empathetic, creative way always understanding that to help someone grow they need to know that you’re on their side and that you understand their needs.

Enjoy the fact that Mercury is out of its mischievous mode and will now be working with you rather than placing obstacles in your way!

Until the next time, with Love and Light, Stevie xx