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On the same day that the Sun enters Gemini, Tuesday, 21st May, so Mercury Enters Gemini today too! The zodiac sign Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury will be weaving its magic in the sign of the Twins until 4th June, and it will bring with it an abundance of fresh stimuli, imagination and humour.

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Mercury Enters Gemini today and Gemini is the sign of duality; the communicator, the multi-tasker and the networker. Gemini is the first Air sign and likes to fly high where the air is purified so that clarity of thought and objectivity can be enhanced.

If you’ve been too caught up in the ‘mess of life’ recently then use this finely tuned, clever and versatile influence to help you get your messages across with imagination, flair and humour. Nourish your need to help your friends, family and local community flourish whilst, at the same time, retaining your need for freedom and fun.

Mercury Star Planners Astrology

Mercury enters Gemini

This is a great time to enjoy the dynamics of the planet Mercury – helping us to use our curiosity to learn new things; to absorb information and to link our thinking with our words, our actions and our results. Mercury is all about Communications and Gemini is a master of it.

Mercury Enters Gemini Today! Have some fun over the next couple of weeks – it’s an area we tend to forget too easily, always being bogged down by the seriousness of life. Let your light-hearted side come out to play and enjoy the outcomes!

Shine Brightly, Stevie x