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Mars enters Gemini on 21st April! and remains in this zodiac sign until 4th June when it enters the sign of Cancer. In pragmatic astrology Mars represents an assertive, courageous and dynamic influence which is strongly individual, honest and energetic. Mars is a Warrior, not a wallflower and as it enters Gemini we will feel strength in our ability to communicate, to take on mental challenges and to hone our versatility so that our individuality shines out for all to see.

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Mars enters Gemini on 21st April! In pragmatic astrology Gemini represents the Communicator, the Multi-tasker and the Networker. It is the symbol of the twins, always seeing two sides of every story and needing a constant supply of fresh stimuli. Gemini is an Air sign and tends to fly high where the air is purified, able to use an aerial view to achieve clarity and objectivity. This is an inquisitive sign with a finely tuned and highly sensitive nervous system.

If we use this combination of energies positively it will help us express our feelings as well as our thoughts in a highly individual way. Mars helps us understand our worth by giving us the courage to dig deep and understand what makes us fired up and all brimming to go! Enjoy the next few weeks as Mars enters Gemini and let your voice be heard!

Brought to you with love and light, Stephanie x

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