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Mars Enters Aries & a New Moon in Aquarius!

Not only does Saturday 28th January signal the start of the Chinese New Year – the year of the Rooster – but it also signals that Mars enters Aries & a New Moon in Aquarius.

In pragmatic astrology, Mars represents assertion, courage, honesty and vitality. It is a very dynamic and forceful influence expending much energy in being competitive and strongly individual. Mars is most definitely a Warrior, not a Wall Flower!

Star Planners Astrology Aries


Being found in the zodiac sign of Aries is like being at home for this planet as it rules Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac Circle and the first of the three Fire signs. For those of you with Aries strong in your astrological DNA – whether that’s your Moon, Sun or Ascendant sign – you will feel the influence of Mars in the Aries constellation, very strongly at this time.

Soon to be joined by Venus, Mars will remain in Aries until early March when it moves across to Taurus. To make use of this influence, release your go-getting side. Use the pioneering and adventure seeking characteristics of the Aries zodiac sign to touch base with your inner spirit and feel the drive and refreshingly honest influence of Mars to exert yourself and get what you want out of life, no holds barred!

With the Sun having entered Aquarius on 20th January, it’s now time for the start of a New Moon in this very progressive and hugely innovative sign. In astrology, the New Moon symbolises the start of something new – maybe a personal objective, a career ambition or anything to do with a fresh start.

Star Planners Astrology Aquarius


Aquarius represents humanitarian issues, championing the underdog and inspiring the masses. This is an influence which is light years ahead and which is electrically wired to the needs of our society. Use this influence to help you think laterally; view things objectively and don’t be afraid to be the ‘non-conformist’, the seeker of change, the maverick and the reformer.

Whatever you’re looking to do in the weeks ahead, engage in futuristic thought processes; see how you can use diplomacy in achieving your unconventional goals and network to get your ideas out there and to meet like-minded people.

Enjoy this very active period of time. Mercury will soon be entering Aquarius too which bodes well for communicating your new ideas to the maximum.

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