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Make Communications Productive! Mercury enters Taurus today.
Mercury, the fabulous energy influencing communication, enters the Solid, Productive & Glamorous sign of Taurus on 31st March. Make the most of this short spurt of direct travel with Mercury before it goes retrograde in the same zodiac sign on Sunday 9th April and remains retrograde until early May.

So, if you need to be putting plans in place for important levels of communication, perhaps significant meetings, meaningful presentations and grounded exchange of information which are important to you, then use this window of opportunity to get your message well and truly understood.

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The zodiac sign of Taurus is steady and unhurried and anyone with this influence will know how to carefully plan for what they want in a strong and productive way. The influence of this energy can be extremely useful for those without the Element of Earth within their astrological DNA. And because Taurus has its feet firmly on the ground and is a generative energy it can help Fire, Air and Water signs to ground their dreams and embrace reality in their plans and communications.

When Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on 9th April, use this opportunity to “go with the flow”. Reflect on what it is you need to put in place to achieve your goals and how you wish to communicate them in the weeks to come. Sometimes Mercury can be mischievous and frustrating and when it is retrograde in the sign of Taurus can lead to one provocation too far! This is one of the few times when the explosive anger of this sign can be witnessed in all its glorious techno-colour, so rather than let it get hold of your horns, count to ten and think again.

Make Communications Productive! Use the fabulous influence of Taurus in a positive, generative way to establish your security, both emotionally and financially through your communications.

Until the next time, with love Stephanie x