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Major 5 Planet Stellium in Virgo! The Sun entered Virgo on 23rd August and this will be followed by a New Moon in Virgo on 30th August, joining Mars, Venus and Mercury all in Virgo – a Stellium of planets. And although the Sun is technically a Star, I will be referring to it as a planet for the purpose of this post. So what does this mean?

New Moon

New Moon in Virgo

Because of the strength of the planets within this zodiac sign at this specific time, this is one of the best ever New Moons for starting something new or regenerating/reforming something that you are working on. There will be a massive amount of energy and initiative that you can tap into to get things going.

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Major 5 Planet Stellium in Virgo! Don’t forget that the Virgo energy is all about the detail – it’s a highly dedicated and industrious energy – you reap what you sow – it’s orderly and sensible and needing to be of service to humanity and with 5 of the major planets working together, in complete harmony and supporting each other in the same zodiac sign, anything is possible!

This Stellium signifies a great time for starting afresh, spearheading a new project or giving something that already exists an extra kick-start to propel you on your path to success. It will also give you the opportunity to identify what’s been holding you back so that you can be inventive about taking things forward.


Venus in Virgo

Romance features high on the agenda so finding new spark in existing relationships and seeking out those who speak to your soul should be on your agenda as Venus, the planet of relationships and finance is there softening down the normally aggressive and assertive Mars influence, giving the opportunity for excitement and positive change.

Mars with Star Planners Astrology

Mars in Virgo

With Mars alongside the New Moon, this is a great time for physical activity including any sports and sexual activities. With Venus, creativity will be enhanced and with Mercury intellectual creativity and eloquence will be present to tap into.

It will be a great time to start new projects or reinforce “new” activities. The combination of Mars which influences assertion, initiative and goal setting, Venus which influences harmony and co-operation and Mercury which influences thought and good communications could be particularly helpful for business ventures and personal relationships. This is a very strong moon phase indeed.

There are also conjunctions going on within this Stellium with the Sun, the Moon and Mars – this is where planets are working together – they are blended and therefore act together, and also Trines – which are when planets support each other namely the Sun and Mars with Uranus – the planet of innovation, revolution and progression. The influence of all these planets working together in the same zodiac sign cannot be underestimated!

If you’re feeling all fired up at this time and desperate to use this new found abundance of energy, then make sure you use it in a positive way. The Virgo energy criticises others liberally so watch out for this tendency and instead feel the passion and creativity rising up inside of you with the love and patience that Venus provides.

Mercury Star Planners Astrology

Mercury in Virgo

Use words to express yourself effectively, calling upon communicative Mercury to eloquently express any feelings of anger that you may be holding in but think twice about what you say so that you get the results you really want. There is no point in cutting off your nose to spite your face especially when you have the support of harmonious Venus alongside you to help you get the balance in your relationships that you are looking for.

Positive change and exciting opportunities are on the horizon and this will do wonders for your sense of freedom and self-confidence allowing you to freely express yourself in a positive way.

With the influence of both the Sun and Mars supporting Uranus, it is safe to explore your more outrageous side, meet new people and involve yourself in innovation and innovatory people. You will positively benefit from not only increased self-awareness but creative breakthroughs and new discoveries as well.

Break free from any previous restrictions; get rid of boring routines and take a few calculated risks to widen your experience in life. This is alien to the normal Virgoan instinct but will allow you to look at the bigger picture and hugely benefit in the process.

This is a time to follow your instincts, increase your confidence and get cracking with positive change!

Make the most of this exceptional energy and feel its powerful influence. Stevie xx