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Magical Mercury enters Libra. Mercury, the wonderful planet of communications will enter the beautiful zodiac sign of Libra on 7th October. So it’s all happening for Libra at the moment, with the Sun in this sign as well as the New Moon in Libra which happened on 1st October.

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With Mercury in the sign of Libra we can look forward to the power of using diplomacy and negotiation in our dealings with others. Libra always searches for the perfect balance in any relationship; the downside of this can be procrastination – the inability to make our minds up – and this can haunt this energy because Libra can always see two sides of the story. The thing to remember here is that a bit of healthy confrontation is the best way to balance those scales, especially if you feel really strongly about something, rather than achieving peace at any price!

Mercury influences the power of words and all forms of communication, helping process thoughts into action. It is to do with how we absorb information and how we respond to our immediate and local environment. Curiosity, seeking knowledge and story telling are areas within Mercury’s influence and the Libra energy will further enhance our ability to do this effectively in a civilised, graceful and refined manner.

So, if you have something that is important for you to communicate effectively right now, use the power of this combined energy to achieve your goals.