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Love & Relationships Reach for the Stars!

Welcoming in the month of December is the Goddess of Love, Relationships and Finance – Venus, in the adventurous, independent and optimistic zodiac sign of Sagittarius. What a fabulous marriage but beware of overindulgence and over expenditure. Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive and incredibly generous planet Jupiter and in pragmatic astrology, this planet urges expansion and growth through life’s experiences; good and bad.

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Love & Relationships Reach for the Stars! There is no limit to what is possible for the Sagittarius energy and like its symbol, the Archer, the Sagittarius arrow is aimed true and high. When it comes to your relationships, enjoy the moment! The one thing about this zodiac sign is that anything mundane is not tolerated! The boredom threshold of Sagittarius is very low, so keep it energetic, free flowing and exciting! Sagittarius is all about the journey, not so much the destination.


Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus is the planet of harmony, diplomacy and balance; it influences how we relate to others and it also helps us with the management of money and resources. So be careful in the run up to Christmas as the Sagittarius energy will tempt you in all sorts of ways!

Love & Relationships Reach for the Stars! Use this wonderful combination of Venus and Sagittarius energies to relate to others with charm and with a generosity of spirit which will win over even the dullest of Christmas humbugs! Manage your finances and resources with care but balance it with optimism and a fresh, adventurous outlook. Sagittarius may take you into areas of fads and fancies but it also influences meaningful interaction with others. So, reach for the stars – and to coin a phrase; if not now – when? If not you – who?

Have fun!
With love, excitement and adventure, Stephanie xx

PS Look out for plenty more blogs in the coming few days as Mercury goes Retrograde and we have a beautiful Super Full Moon in Gemini!

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