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Love, relationships and finances take centre stage! Today, 26th August, the planet Venus enters the zodiac sign of Leo which gives us all the opportunity to wear our hearts on our sleeves for a little while and to show those closest to us how much we love them. This is a demonstrable energy. Venus helps us in the art of the right relationship and Leo, being a Fire sign, has great warmth and passion at its core.

Venus enters Leo

Venus enters Leo

It’s also the right time to determine the finances and resources you need to enrich your life, not necessarily in a materialistic way but to enable you to achieve your goals for the future and to acknowledge those around you for the support and belief they’ve had in you along the way which often gets forgotten. Venus helps us with negotiation, diplomacy and self worth and in pragmatic astrology it helps us to achieve harmony in all the important areas of life.

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Love, relationships and finances take centre stage! And with Venus entering the zodiac sign of Leo, this is where we will feel the constancy of love, power and creativity. With this influence we will have the opportunity to bring things into the limelight in a warm-hearted, generous and dramatic way; acknowledging the child within each of us in a somewhat innocent and carefree way. In pragmatic astrology, Leo is the eternal child of the zodiac; it is a deeply loyal energy but also extremely vulnerable underneath that outgoing persona, needing the constant love of others to keep it ‘pride of place’.

Venus helps us manage our resources and with the combination of Venus in the zodiac sign of Leo, we need to be as practical as possible with our creativity, to turn down our pride control button and to value those who seem less significant than ourselves in order that we may earn our status and not just believe it’s our birth right to take our desired position in life.

This is a wonderful combination of energies, with love and loyalty at its heart. Enjoy being under its influence for the next few weeks.

With love and light, Stephanie X

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