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Looking for that very special gift this Christmas? How many handbags, scarves or bottles of perfume can you give each Christmas? How about something completely different which is bespoke and totally unique?

At Star Planners Astrology we specialise in making available a selection of gifts which are completely unique in every way. Parenting Star Planners AstrologyWhether it’s a beautiful Child or Teenage Star Planner book which makes a superb parental aid, (because, let’s face it, no-one gives you an individual parenting manual bespoke to your child) …

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or a fabulous one-to-one Astrology Module helping each individual uncover their full potential – there is a unique gift for everyone.


And if you wondered about reviews of these products, here are just a few testimonials from very satisfied customers:

“I cannot tell you in words how thankful I am to you Stephanie. Your Child Star Planners for my twins has made me totally re-evaluate how I interface with my sons. I was so touched, stunned and amazed by your books, I had to tell you. I can see many of their personality traits in the things that you have written, some really obvious and some not so. I am sure I will refer to the book time and time again. It made me laugh, cry and gasp. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” KJ, UK

“I must admit, considering I was an out and out left brained pragmatist, and slightly sceptical of what astrology could deliver…your Child Star Planner of my 7-year-old daughter, was extraordinary. To say I was blown away is an understatement. It showed me, for the first time, that the stars and the planets’ alignments really do have an enormous impact on all of our lives. And often in the most profound ways.” WM, UK

“I wanted to drop you a line to say a huge “thank you” for yesterday’s session. It was truly inspiring and perfect timing. Thank you so much, it was nothing short of brilliant!” CT, UK

“I wanted to thank you for the sheer amount of work you completed for our 1:2:1 Session last week. I had never before considered the benefits of astrology, but your pragmatic style and approachability engaged me from the start. Thank you so much Stephanie” WG, UK

So, if you want to get that very special gift sorted out for this Christmas and get more than a grunt of appreciation on Christmas Day, visit our online shop and make Christmas extra special!