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Look After Yourself with Chiron! This week the Comet Chiron went retrograde in Aries and will continue in retrograde until early December. Chiron is symbolised by the Healer and Teacher – it covers all aspects of wellness and completeness, mending things which have become broken, whether that’s your heart, your health, your life or your spirit. Being in retrograde, Chiron will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you need to do for yourself to move to a position of ‘wholeness’.

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Mind, Body, Spirit

Look After Yourself with Chiron! Chiron will always bring old and painful experiences to the fore; deep wounds will resurface but the more you embrace your wounds, the greater the enlightenment. Chiron in retrograde allows you to learn from past experiences and gives you a much greater understanding of what you need to put in place to move forward and mend yourself in the process.

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Chiron is retrograde in the zodiac sign Aries. In pragmatic astrology Aries is concerned with being number 1. It is a vital energy, constantly looking inwards to strengthen its individuality and its adventurous spirit. With this influence you need to take back your power and invest in large doses of Self Love and Self Care. Face things head on, just like the determination represented by the Ram’s head, the symbol of Aries.

Look After Yourself with Chiron! The more you embrace what’s troubling you, the greater the degree of enlightenment. Re-evaluate old relationships and things in the past that haunt you so that you can carve out your future based on wholeness, wellness and completeness. Use the fantastic energetic influence of Aries to spearhead the change necessary to make you feel complete.

Chiron retrograde in Pisces

Chiron retrograde in Aries

Invite Chiron to be a major part of your life. Take your time to invite it in to your consciousness, work with it and use its influence to really build yourself up again. Use this time wisely to connect with your innermost needs and look after your health in the weeks and months ahead.

With love and enlightenment, Stevie x