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Leo takes Centre Stage! On Sunday 23rd July we have two important astrological movements to talk about because both the Sun and the New Moon are in the sign of Leo.

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The Leo energy has sheer chutzpah! And whether you have the Leo zodiac sign as your Sun sign (commonly known as your star sign) or your Moon sign or in your Ascendant, the following will apply to you with subtle differences.

Leo takes Centre Stage! It is the second Fire sign and has a power and constancy straight from the heart. It is ruled by the Sun which is at the centre of our Solar system – the source of life itself – and this is where the Leo energy takes pride of place.

The Leo symbol is of course the Lion. It is a very noble sign, full of self expression, creativity and courage. It has a commanding presence and just loves to be the centre of attention, even the more introvert Leos amongst us can crave the limelight.

Its physical energy is boundless emanating authority, warm-heartedness and generosity of spirit but this energy can be exhausting to others and, on occasion can be a bit ‘prima donna’ish’! The trick for this energy is to learn to appreciate others on their way to the top.

Leo cub playing with butterfly


Leo takes Centre Stage! The Leo energy needs an audience badly – it’s a natural leader being inspirational and enthusiastic with an unwavering faith in life. It’s an energy which needs appreciation and above all else loves to be loved. With a romantic, innocent and carefree disposition this energy has a big fear of failure but if it feels appreciated can be joyful and outgoing like the eternal child which is at its heart.

With this energy it’s good to focus on being as practical as possible with your creativity. Remember to turn your pride control button down on occasion and value those who may seem less significant than yourself – you need to earn your status, not just expect it, so that you in turn feel loved and appreciated.

New Moon

New Moon in Leo

Leo takes Centre Stage! With the New Moon also in Leo tonight; this welcomes in a new vital and dynamic phase in our lives. The New Moon signifies new beginnings, a fresh start and the fact that it’s in Leo means it’s going to do it in style!

So if you’re moving house, starting a new relationship, creating a new business or just simply trying out a new recipe, revel in your new found energy, your dramatic flair and romantic disposition with this new found passion. In pragmatic astrology, Leo is the eternal child of the zodiac, so welcome the New Moon and what it signifies with love and enthusiasm and enjoy the time ahead with a new vigour and zest for life!

If any of this resonates with you and you think you may have a Leo Moon or Leo Ascendant and would like to find out, contact me with your date, time and location of birth and I will be able to tell you! If you don’t know your time of birth but would like to find out, please also contact me for more information.

Until the next time with love and light, Stephanie x

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